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 "Every time I ask myself a question about" organic food "I ask myself: but when did the madness start, so it is necessary to certify as an exception what should be the norm? To cultivate, breed, transform nature into food without adding external chemical and petroleum-based inputs should be normal, adding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives and preservatives that should declare it, certify and document its "abnormality" (Carlo Petrini)
Extra virgin olive oil is produced on the farm.
The olives are harvested partly by hand and partly with mechanical pickers and are pressed in a cold mill.
The oil is marketed in various formats with the "Desiderio" label.
 Vegetables, wild and aromatic herbs are dried or processed with oil and preserved.
The tomato sauce is made according to the ancient recipe of cooking in tin-plated copper bricks to then be passed, bottled and sterilized.
Dried tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are processed with vinegar and only after a decantation process are placed in a bowl in oil and sterilized.
The fruit and some vegetables (onions and green tomatoes) are transformed into jam or marmalade with the addition of only whole raw sugar.
Apples and quince pears are turned into quince jelly.
The Azerols are transformed into candied fruit.
Price list:
Olive Exta Olive Oil vintage 2018: € 10.00 per liter
Eggplants in oil: 250 gr € 4.00
Sweet and sour peppers: 250 gr € 4.50
Onion jam: 150 gr € 4.00
Apricot jam: 200 gr € 5.00
Chilli jam: 200 g € 6.00
Tangerine and apple jam: 200 gr € 5.50
Pumpkin and orange marmalade: 200 gr € 5.00
Fig and walnut jam: 200 gr € 6.50 
Grapefruit and orange marmalade: 200 gr € 5.50
 Plum jam: 200 gr € 5.00
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