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The Fattoria di Grenne is located 200 meters above sea level and is exposed to the north, while it is sheltered from the sirocco winds and the west.
This allows the olive grove of Minuta, Nasitana, Castriciana, Verdello and Nocellara Messinese, to produce annually.
The olive trees are pruned in rotation and the olive harvest is started when the olive tree is not yet fully ripe to maintain the acidity almost zero.
We also grow rare fruit trees such as rowan, strawberry tree, jujube, sour cherry and black fig.
We grow seasonal vegetables favoring the crops that need little water to ensure flavor, vitamins and minerals.
"The greater the share of the capital of a country that is employed in agriculture, the greater the amount of productive work that it will put into operation in the country, and the greater will be the value that its use adds to the annual product of the earth and the work of society. " (Adam Smith)