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Tradition and culture

Tradition and Culture cuisine
The traditional Sicilian cuisine has always been the pride of the company.
The specialties, in particular those of the Nebrodi Mountains, have been reworked and designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
The ingredients, mostly produced on the farm, are carefully selected.
With vegetables and wild herbs the meat is flavored and unique dishes are created, perfect even for vegans and celiacs.
Thistle, porcelain and borraggine enrich the salads. Mustard and chicory, fried with egg and cheese become splendid appetizers.
The fresh pasta is made with first quality flours and with eggs from the company.
Stuffed eggs, ncaciata pasta with white broccoli and anchovies, bean soup and chicory, maltagliati soup and beans, gnocchi with wild herbs, pork sauce made with tomato extract strictly dried in the sun, red rice with caramelized pumpkin Baked chicken stuffed with eggs and chicken livers, honey chicken skewers with thyme and oregano, vegetable skewers, meat skewers, chocolate rice with candied fruit and white eating sprinkled with cinnamon are just some of the dishes made with skill from the kitchen .
In order not to betray nature and to guarantee taste for our preparations, the criteria of seasonality are always respected.
"The great kitchen does not exist without evolution, erosion and oblivion.The kitchen has become art thanks to continuous processing, to the mixture of past and future, here and elsewhere, raw and cooked, salty and sweet, and can continue to live only by freeing itself of the obsession of those who do not want to die "(Muriel Barbery" culinary ecstasies ")