Coniglio in Agrodolce

Festival Agrichef 2019 organized by CIA and Green Tourism

9 Sicilian firms, 9 dishes, 9 jurors of excellence to choose the Agrichef that Sicily would have represented

to Amateur for the contest Agrichef Nazionale.

A true success to have been invited to participate and this means that our choice to privilege the territorialità, the seasonality rispolverando the ancient tastes it is a choice winner.

An explosion of taste the prelibatezza of all the dishes in contest.

All splendid ones in the aspect and colored in the tastes. Difficulty has been the assignment of the jurors that you/they have to the end chosen the Tagliolinis Incaciati of the Agriturismo Bergi of the sisters Of Politeness.

To our rabbit in bittersweet, the applause of the jurors and particularly way that of Christmas Giunta and of the Master Sommelier Poplar, for the delicacy of the tastes and for the combining with the Nerello Mascalese Rosy Etna Doc of Cottanera.

The appointment for next year is that to become even more good and to win Agrichef 2020.

A thanks to our Lights and all of our team.

Palermo, 9 March - Nine recipes from four provinces, a show cooking where the common thread will be the peasant cuisine that respects tradition, genuineness and biodiversity. On Friday March 15th, the Danilo Dolci hotel institute in Partinico will host the Sicilian stop of the Agrichef Festival, promoted by the CIA and the Turismo Verde association with the patronage of the Municipality. A contest reserved for agritourisms that, on this occasion, will also involve the students of the institute, called to contribute to the realization of the dishes.
The cooks of the holiday farms will prepare the dish live and present it to a jury. The dish will have to respect a series of canons and the jury will make an overall assessment based on some basic requirements such as appearance and composition, goodness, seasonality of raw materials used, respect for rural traditions, use of local products, especially Slow Food, DOP and Igp, the presentation of the farm and its territory. The dishes will be paired with Sicilian wines and there will also be a buffet that will be prepared by the students of the hotel.
At the end, the jury will propose the agrichef that will represent Sicily at the national event to be held in spring at the Amatrice hotel institute. The jury will be composed of Patrizia Roccamatisi (head teacher of the Dolci institute), Maurizio De Luca (mayor Partinico), Toti Longo (councilor Sport, Tourism and Culture Municipality of Partinico), Rosa Giovanna Castagna (regional president of CIA), Antonino Cossentino (president of the Cia Western Sicily), chefs Natale Giunta and Totò Mazzola, Maria Antonietta Pioppo (journalist and only Master Sommelier in Sicily), Roberto Guarino (food marketing expert), Antonino Ciccio (vice president of the Simenza Association).
These are the farms that will take part: Fattoria di Grenne in Ficarra (Me), Santa Margherita di Gioiosa Marea (Me), Bergi di Castelbuono (Pa), Al Poggetto di Santa Cristina Gela (Pa), Il Pescheto di Partinico (Pa ), Villa Splendore of Cerda (Pa), Tudia di Resuttano (Cl), Sanacore di Guarrato (Tp) and Maltese di Marsala (Tp).
The selected agrichef will have a special supply of Poiatti pasta for his farm. "This is not a real competition, but a meeting between companies, a chance to meet and to make our rural values ​​known to school children", explains Daniela Di Garbo, head of Turismo Verde for the provinces of Palermo and Trapani who coordinated the initiative with the teacher Giuseppe Bruno.
"For the boys - says Antonino Cossentino, president of the Cia Western Sicily - will be an extraordinary opportunity to stimulate their imagination and try a different approach to the kitchen, perhaps less plastered and more imaginative. In Sicily we have about 500 agritourism facilities, there is a large number of kitchen and dining staff. From this meeting we hope we can create a partnership that will bring the children to do internships in the farms, where there is a type of cuisine different from mass catering and that enhances local products ".
But who is Agrichef? According to the definition coined by the CIA that has deposited the brand, is a cook / cook with proven skills and experience that exercises his craft within the kitchen of the farm, committing to transform mainly agricultural productions company, or proximity, in respect for seasonality and peasant knowledge, and using ingredients to protect biodiversity in the creation of dishes. The agrichef is a cook, but at the same time it is the agricultural producer who has put together the secrets of the production, those of the traditions and the rural culture, the sensitivity to the environment, the enhancement of the territory, the restoration of rural buildings, the recovery of recipes handed down over time and the human relationship that it establishes with its diner. Agritourisms and agrichef hand down traditions and disseminate the importance of safeguarding biodiversity, including through the creation of dishes with recipes from all regions of Italy. In short, a new profession inspired by ancient traditions.
Turismo Verde is an association dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of the farm and the many activities connected to it, in addition to rural tourism in Italy.


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