"Whenever I have a question about" organic food "I ask myself: but when did the madness start so it is necessary to certify as an exception what should be the norm? Cultivating, breeding, transforming nature into food without adding external, chemical and oil-based inputs should be normal, adding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives, preservatives that should declare it, certify and document its "abnormality." (Carlo Petrini)
ProductsThe company produces extra virgin olive oil.
The olives are harvested partly by hand and partly by mechanical harvesters and are milled in cold crusher.
The oil is marketed in various formats with the label "Desiderio".
 Vegetables, wild and aromatic herbs are dried or processed with oil and stored.
The tomato sauce is made according to the ancient recipe of cooking in tin copper brioli and then passed, bottled and sterilized.
Dried tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are processed with vinegar and only after a decanting process are they placed in a bowl in oil and sterilized.
Fruits and some vegetables (onions and green tomatoes) are turned into jam or jam with the addition of only whole raw sugar.
Quince apples and pears are turned into quince.
The azeroles are turned into candied fruit.
Price list:
Vintage Exta Virgin Olive Oil 2018: € 10.00 per liter
Vintage Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2017: € 5.00 per liter